Hi Friends!

Hi friends! So last week I had an operation done on my kidney. It’s called a laparoscopic pyeloplasty. DO NOT WATCH IT BEING DONE ON YOUTUBE!! Especially if you’re about to have it done because it will haunt you. I find most body things kind of ick. Anyway,I can’t do much else [...]

Interview on CFRU 93.3′s “Bring Around The Sound”

Hello! So the other day we played a show in the fabulous Guelph,Ontario,and before the show we piled in the van with a few choice journos and recorded a feature interview for CFRU 93.3 FM. I suppose we were the featured group de jour for an episode of “Bring Around The Sound“. We [...]

Interview on CBC RadioOne’s “Bandwidth”

Hello! Hope you’re doing great! Just thought we’d take a sec to post this very recent interview we did with the wonderful Meg Wilcox of CBC’s Bandwidth in Ottawa. She asked us all of the hard-hitting questions you would expect as well as a few left-fielders and the end result was a pretty good interview. [...]


Hey Everyone! We would like to formally announce that we will be hitting the road once again starting in May with several dates in Ontario and Quebec. So essentially,we’ll be coming to a town near you.. assuming you’re in a town near us. We do have plans for much more Canadian touring through all [...]

Heartstrings TV

Hey! Here’s a neat thing! Will and Amanda recently shot a few candid versions of John Denver Haircut and Tight Suit for Heartstrings TV. They came and filmed our set at CMW in Toronto as well as some unplugged stuff at Chemical Sound Studios. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE DRAMA UNFOLD!

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BlogTO Interview

Here’s a “Call and Response”interview we did for BlogTO. It’s as true today as it was when it was written… 

“Awake,You Sleepers! showcases Currie’s song-writing gift,steeped with detail and motifs,a little theatricality,wildness and –best of all –playful,emotional storytelling.”–BlogTO

CLICK HERE for the full article!

Love [...]

Canadian Music Week –Toronto

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to take a sec and let you know that we will be performing on Wednesday,March 21st as part of Canadian Music Week at The Rivoli in Toronto. It’s the first night of the festival and The Country French will be kicking it off along with some other great bands at [...]

Two Nights In Toronto

Hi friends!

This month we will be performing two great shows in the city of Toronto. The first will take place March 15th at The Garrison along with several other great bands all in support of The Pop Group,which is a very cool thing. Please check out their website (www.wearethepopgroup.com) for more info [...]

Nite Owl –London

Had a great show at the Nite Owl in London the other night! We had a 4 piece brass section with us to make everything that much cooler. Everyone knows that having horn players in your band makes you 10 times cooler than that other band across the street! Special thanks to Greg and the [...]

Winter Tour Dates!

Hi Friends!

We are very happy to announce that we will be coming to a town near you this February (assuming that a town near you is also near Quebec and Southern Ontario). It’s winter,so we won’t be crossing the country just yet,but instead we’ll be loading up the van and doing a [...]